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Connected with market goals, united by a-ha moments

Vortex is a performance marketing company that specializes in iGaming and Online Dating verticals.

We are perceived by our people — and they are always more than just a company.

By connecting industry’s most successful players, we enhance their recognition and performance.

At Vortex, we believe that the scale of your thinking determines the scale of your success. That's why we always think outside the box and act accordingly, from a small part of the media buying team to the business in general.



Uniting verticals to conquer new heights

After becoming a partner, you will find flexible payment models, endless geography possibilities, and high performance.


  • mainstream (CPL SOI/DOI)
  • casual (CPL SOI/DOI)
  • gaming (CC)


  • casino (CPA, CPL, RevShare)
  • betting (CPA)


  • in-house tech solutions

  • smartlink based on AI & deep analytics

  • exclusives

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  • precise control of traffic quality

  • fraud prevention

  • dedicated support

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Trusted by leading brands

We bridge the most successful people in the business and expand their reach.


What partners say about us

Quick, responsive, reliable. They always help and try to make concessions to their partners, do everything in a moment and without delay. They don’t waste time, as is often the case :) In the messages give only the information you need, without unnecessary text. All in fact and clearly. It’s a pleasure to work with.



If you haven't met any of us yet, you can always reach out to us via email:

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