31 MAY 2022

Q&A with Sophie, BizDev Manager





Today we'd like to introduce Sophie, BizDev Manager at VortexAds. The one who gets the best deals for our affiliates and provides the desired traffic to our advertisers. In this article know more about dating brands, trends in the vertical, and tips that help you succeed here.


Hi Sophie! Let’s start with a brief self-introduction. How long have you been in affiliate marketing? Tell us how it all started.

Hey, thanks for the invitation! I’ve been working in affiliate marketing for 4 years, ever since I was a student. Before I was offered the challenge to try myself in the new sphere, I had worked in cold sales. That’s how the new journey started for me. Best journey ever :)

Being BizDev Manager, what are your main responsibilities at VortexAds?

My main responsibilities are searching for potential partners, negotiating, analyzing and of course, subsequently, a successful product launch. Actually, there are more responsibilities, but in short - I am the one who gets the best deals for our affiliates and provides the desired traffic to our advertisers.

How do you help affiliates succeed?

Our team selects offers as accurately as possible at the request of the affiliate. For my part, I operatively provide the necessary offers or conditions. Also, we practice payouts by sub-sources, twice or more for weekly optimizations, expertise of best funnels and pre-landers, we can provide statistics from our internal team - this always positively affects future launches.

Based on your experience, has dating vertical grown up or decreased in the last 6 months?

Over the past 6 months, the dating market has had both: ups and downs. But if there were falls - it was insignificant, so I can say with confidence that dating is a stable vertical to work with!

What is important to know about dating brands nowadays? Offer recommendations for newbie and expert affiliates?

Choosing dating brands is an essential part as it is the credibility of the advertiser's company on the market! Also, you need to understand the audience of dating sites (target) and where to look for them in order to achieve the KPI that the advertiser sets.

Follow the news! The fresher brand and domain - the less chance of blocking ads, the easier it is to find new users, and therefore - the better conversion!


What is your main focus this year?

Development and growth of current partnerships, new directions and creation of exclusive deals. Want to explore and develop the market more, as well as develop myself, which is what I wish for all our readers.

What are the top 3 things you enjoy about your work?

Marketing, budgeting, problem-solving and traveling. A bit more than 3, but these are the main ones.


Lastly, please share your thoughts about the dating vertical future and your plans for the VortexAds affiliate network.

The dating market is not as simple as it seems at first glance. But this is where you should start your journey - if you're a beginner.

The niche doesn't disappear; every year you can see how the funnels improve and personalize due to a large number of tests and analyses from advertisers / affiliate networks. Fresh products come out that involve much more activity than old ones. More and more new GEOs are gaining popularity and are actively moving to new locations in Asia, Europe, Latin America and even Africa.

All of this contributes to the development of our team, including that you should always try to be on-trend, fast and open to something new.

From the immediate plans, I can only open the curtain to tell you that we're working on additional monetization on offers, more exclusivity for our affiliate network to attract new traffic sources! And the rest - time will tell!

Thank you for your time and interesting thoughts! I'm sure it was helpful and enjoyable for many to get to know you better.