3 AUGUST 2021

Top Tips in the Dating Vertical 2021





Choosing the dating vertical is one of the best ways to earn money because the industry has no end in sight and is evergreen in spite of crises, quarantine and other society’s changes. Millions of people are searching online dating every day. Vortex is aware of high competition in this vertical so the Vortex team prepared this guide to let you know more tips and help you get the most of it. At the end we share our top dating offers :)

What is the dating vertical about

Dating includes two main sub-niches: adult and mainstream. The mainstream category refers to typical dating websites, in this case you have multiple options of traffic source. Choosing adult offers you’ll find more restrictions, although this category is considered to be one of the most profitable niches.

Payout models

PPS (pay per sale): You receive a flat rate for each paid member you bring to the site/app.

PPL (pay per lead):

  • SOI (Single opt-in): The user has to fill in the registration form on the website.
  • DOI (Double opt-in): This is the next step from the SOI model and requires a user to perform one more action. For example, fill in the form and verify it.

RevShare (revenue share): You get paid a certain percentage when a user purchases the membership.

How to choose an offer

As dating is a hot vertical now, competition is high. While choosing an offer, feel free to reach out to your account manager to get a list of top-performing offers based on your vertical and GEO. Vortex provides more than 1000 offers from direct advertisers including private offers.


Target audience

To succeed in dating you need to know the audience: age, geo, time of activity on dating sources, interests, who they are looking for and what is the goal. By the way, you should try different approaches and take time to test.

One more important point is to run dating offers with specific targeting hours. Remember that the audience for dating offers is probably going to be more engaged, for example, in evenings and at weekends.

Dating creatives

Dating is – more than anything – a visual vertical. The next step is deciding what will be your visual ad like: text and images. Vortex offers its own base of creatives and it’s worth messaging your account manager to get some advice and direction.

In any case, there are a few tips to make your ad more converting:

  • Images of real people usually shows higher conversion than pictures of models.
  • Use a message in the first person, add account screenshot with icon of proper social media.
  • Be consistent with your creatives across banners, pre-landers, and landing pages. The images and looks of the people have to be similar and match as far as possible.
  • Check you’re using the language which is the most popular in the target audience.
  • Use services with templates to save your time, for example, canva and supa.

A good practice is making new creatives similar to the successful ones, with small changes! There are some examples of creatives from the Vortex team:


Expert tips from Vortex

  • Creatives are essential. Analyze preferences, test different styles and images, improve successful ones and get one more test.
  • Take less competitive countries. Such GEOs as the USA, Canada, and the UK are already occupied with lots of affiliates while less competitive regions, such as Asia, Europe, and Latin America are growing in popularity among dating buyers
  • Don’t forget to communicate with the account manager. You can always get some new points or just relevant info regarding GEOs and offers from the manager
  • Test new sources. Affiliate marketing is dynamic so invest some of your time in exploring new tools/sources

Vortex recommends trying these hot dating offers for testing:


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