21 DECEMBER 2021

3 trends to watch in 2022






As we all know very well after a pandemic, a lot can change in a very short time. The Vortex team is actively following trends in the marketing world and already knows exactly what changes in the industry we should expect from the next year.


What’s coming next?

Facebook used to be much more accessible, but now it is the most complicated marketplace in its moderation and algorithms. Is it worth continuing to fight with it? Vortex recommends paying attention to the following marketplaces:

  • TikTok

The social network TikTok has experienced fast growth since the pandemic began, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Despite the fact that the platform is often perceived as child-oriented, the 30+ audience now represents 40% of TikTok users.

We've already talked about this source and what type of traffic you can get from it in our recent article, “How to Run to Dating TikTok Traffic”. We should mention only one point right now: content must be specific to the platform and not copied from Facebook or Instagram.

  • Spotify

This point is not actually obvious since Spotify as a source has never been considered easy to work with because of such problems: high CPM, limited opportunities to scale targeting, small amount of data.

However, podcast listening rates are rising, and the fact that 81% of people say they took a targeted action after listening to a podcast shows the great potential of such a platform as a source of traffic.

The platform is currently developing its own service for podcasts, which will include: dynamic insertion of ads while listening, creating your own audio ads, access to detailed targeting (geo, interests), possible to measure performance.

  • Twitch

Many experts consider Twitch to be the future of TV. The platform not only gathers a huge number of views and viewers, but also focuses on high entry prices. In particular, they highlight the interactive and engaging "Just Chatting" section for its potential.

There are other advantages of Twitch. For example, greater audience engagement and, consequently, high conversion rates. Most of the traffic from the platform is organic. There are also elements of monetization.

Which verticals perform particularly well on Twitch? Crypto, Dayting, Fitness. online video game franchises, infoproducts.



The Vortex team always recommends trying new sources and catching trends before they become widespread, because this way the chances of finding a profitable bundle are several times higher than the eternal battle with the usual marketplaces.