17 AUGUST 2021

How to Work with Google UAC





Google UAC (Universal App Campaigns) is one of the most popular traffic sources working with promoting mobile apps. There are all verticals here (including dating, gambling and betting), it’s extremely promising in terms of profit. On the other hand it will be quite difficult to start flowing here for newbies. So the Vortex team prepared this article to review all possible difficulties in UAC traffic and give working tips on how to avoid it.


Main pros and cons of working with Google UAC

  • Opportunity to drive large amounts.
    • Warmed-up accounts can spend $1000-$2000 daily unlike Facebook where even $1K is hard to spend daily because of the high possibility of being banned.
  • There are never too many creatives.
    • This point is connected to the lack of targeting options because UAC works independently by using the machine learning algorithms. So you need at least 20-30 creatives and then algorithms learn which is the most converting.
  • Unclear and often non-logical algorithms.
    • You can only set the GEO, budget and impression for the app. There are no detailed targeting settings while launching the campaigns so you can’t affect traffic quality. Vortex recommends stopping campaigns and launching it one more time. Be ready to re-launch campaigns really often.
  • Organizing mobile apps.
    • Possibly it’s the most important point. To find a proper app which will be long-living and fit to all requirements is nearly impossible.

The Vortex team has a solution: our developers are always working on new ways in making apps so feel free to contact your AM. In addition, Vortex apps are absolutely free for all our partners and there is an opportunity to develop unique ones for both dating and gambling verticals :)


What you need to launch UAC campaigns

  • Warmed-up account

    • To launch UAC is hard by using new and fresh accounts but even if you succeed, you might face a ban pretty soon. Vortex suggests you to use accounts that spend at least $100 and are living more than 1 month. In such a case you can increase daily spending.

Important! Account must be GEO-friendly. For example, if the GEO is for the USA, payment should be in USD as well as proxy need to be for the USA.

  • Apps
    • While launching an app Vortex recommends to focus on description, category and age restrictions (important to avoid child traffic). The size of an app should be less than 15 mb. Rates and comments also impact on moderation and terms of living.
  • Bundles
    • This point refers to offers, creatives, lends/prelends. Creatives can be in such formats: text, images, video, HTML5 banners. What is about offers, as we wrote earlier, there are all verticals with mobile apps.

The Vortex team always shares top converting propositions with our affiliate partners so don’t forget to get in touch with your AM.


Running ads via Google UAC

You have already had a warmed-up account, proper apps and good bundles thanks to the Vortex team. What is the next step?

Firstly, there are no detailed analytics in Google ad accounts. Vortex recommends connecting your account with Firebase so you can flow with a clear understanding of what happens.

Secondly, start launching a campaign with a small budget. Let’s take $50-$100 daily and little by little increase it by 15%. In this way the algorithm will continue a learning process and the ban risk will be small enough. On the good warmed-up accounts you can increase the budget by 30-40% daily, but not more than 50%. Remember if you make big increases in the budget, Google freezes the advertising campaign.

Thirdly, try moving your ad campaigns to other accounts (have in store 3-4) if the campaign doesn’t work at all. Algorithms are absolutely unpredictable so testing ad campaigns fast and effectively is better in this way.

Possible problems and its solving

No clicks:

  • Change creatives
  • Change current install rate (increase or decrease it)
  • Increase the budget
  • Change the filling methods: if you launch one campaign with high budget it’s a good idea to try more ad campaigns with less budget
  • Duplicate ad campaigns if you’re confident in creatives. Algorithms can be un-logical at all so sometimes it works


  • If you find converting bundle, try it on other accounts
  • Don’t edit campaigns that show some result
  • Remember about daily increasing budget
  • Use more creatives and different formats

Your ad campaign is approved but there are almost no impressions (as clicks). In other words, the account is freezed.

  • In this case Vortex advises changing the account and trying launching it with less budget because this problem is hardly solved and risk of ban is high in the future. Don’t waste your time :)

One more important point connected with bans. If the app is banned, you need to stop all your ad campaigns immediately because you can face a banned account really soon.


Working with Google UAC is hard but possible. Vortex thinks this traffic source is the most promising one for all verticals. Warmed-up accounts, proper apps and converting offers are essential. Learn how to avoid bans so profit will make you happy.