10 FEBRUARY 2022

How to Work with Ad Networks





Advertising networks (or DSPs — demand-self platforms) play one of the crucial roles in affiliate marketing, making it possible to buy high quality traffic to offers of any vertical. There are a large number of platforms on the market, each of which has its own features and differences, such as supported ad formats, rates and terms of cooperation. Today the Vortex team will tell you more about what DSPs are and how to get high profit through them.


What is an Advertising Network?

An advertising network is a platform that brings together website owners and webmasters. In short, the site sells traffic, the web - buys. Usually networks are divided into categories depending on the supported advertising formats. Also, networks differ by available geos, verticals, and the cost of traffic.

It is possible to point out such categories:

Push Networks

Push networks place ads in push notifications (popup messages) of websites or applications. Advantages of push notifications are inexpensive traffic and large volumes, a lot of opportunities for unique creativity (for example, you can make them similar to personal messages). Most popular verticals for push traffic: dating, gambling, betting.

Pop Up Ads

Pop-unders and click-unders are full-screen pop-ups that open the target site after closing pops. They are truly the most annoying kind of advertising. In a few words about this type of ad format: a lot of clicks, few conversions. The cheapest traffic. Verticals: dating, nutra, gambling.

Teaser Networks

Teasers are ads with exciting headlines. A сheap and popular source that can work well on a variety of offers with using the right engagement funnel,. Verticals: dating, nutra.

Native Ad

This type of ad is as similar as possible to the site's actual content. Native campaigns do not attract too much, look organic and therefore drive high quality traffic.


How to Choose an Advertising Network?

The first thing is what advertising formats the network offers, whether there is an opportunity to take new formats for the test (for example, the specific format of iOS Calendar pushes - pop-up notifications for Apple users).

The second important point is acceptable prices for traffic. Here you also need to mention what GEO you need for targeting.

The third parameter in the formula to finding the right platform relates to the verticals the platform works with. If the platform is focused on getting adult traffic, you shouldn't probably expect a good CR with crypto or gambling offers.


How to Start Work with Ad Network?

ЗHere it is worth stopping and considering this issue in details with the example of working with a well-known platform for purchasing large amounts of traffic: ActiveRevenue.


Top-performing ad formats:

  • Push
  • Pop
  • In-Page (floating push)
  • iOS Calendar Push
  • Zero-Click

Zero-Click is based on redirects for users who made a mistake while searching for a domain and thus went to the page of the targeting offers. This ad format is the most engaging and non-irritating for the user. It shows good performance in crypto and gambling verticals.

Minimum traffic costs:

  • Push: CPC from $0.0035
  • In-page CPC from $0.005
  • Calendar Push: CPC from $0.015
  • Pop: CPM from $0.3

Key advantages:

  • Worldwide GEO (250+).
  • Top verticals: gambling, dating, finance, nutra, sweepstakes, utilities.
  • Personal manager, who will help with the settings of targeting, optimization and share working funnels.
  • Ability to configure detailed targeting and use optimization features.
  • Large variety of direct placements.

Registration is basic: you need to go to the platform and fill out the standard form (we advise you to turn off AdBlock, if you use it).


To create a campaign, click Campaigns - Create a Campaign in the left menu, enter the name of the campaign, set up the budget and cost per click.


A preview will be located on the right side, which will allow you to keep track of the data entered during the setup of an advertising campaign (+1 to the advantages of the platform).


Next, fill in the targeting settings, add ads and you're ready to run the campaign :)


By the way, ActiveRevenue offers a great bonus for all new users who have just started working with the platform - 20% cashback on the first deposit. You can request a cashback after the first deposit from your manager or in support. Get only the best :)



Thus, while choosing an advertising network to work with, it is important to pay attention to such points as available advertising formats (push, pops or others), available geos and verticals, and traffic costs. The Vortex team recommends requesting offers from your AM right now and testing new traffic sources - maybe it’ll be really profitable for you :)