14 JULY 2022

How to Translate a Creative



Imagine that you find a creative via spy tool and want to test it in another GEO. Or you have your own creative that showed itself pretty well in one GEO and you see its potential for another one. Here is a guide on how to translate a creative and adapt it for any GEOs without a designer and interpreting services.

Text Part

Let’s work on the text for our images. We have two quite attractive pictures used for driving dating traffic in Latvia and Germany.


The Vortex team highly recommends using DeepL for translating short phrases. Nowadays it’s the best tool based on Artificial Intelligence Technology and you really don’t need to pay a native to help you with texts.

For example, we’ll translate these creatives into Turkish.

(Tip: if you’re not sure, first view your text in English and then make it into other languages)


Of course, this service has its disadvantages: 1) DeepL doesn’t have WW coverage, and 2) it’s a good practice to use native speaker services for adapting big texts (pre-landers and landing pages).


Visual Part

The Vortex team knows that sometimes it’s much easier and more convenient to do some work on your own and not contact specialists. Especially if it takes a few minutes.

As for adapting the visual part of our creative we’ll use the online service Photopea. It has many advantages: 1) you don’t need to download additional programs, 2) Photopea is free, 3) it has an intuitive interface, and 4) there is an ability to edit even .psd, .ai and other files.

To start, click the button “Open from Computer” and select your picture.


Then, go to the right tab and create a new layer. By using a rectangle tool you can paint a figure and change its color in the top bar.


The text tool you can find in the same bar as the tool for drawing rectangles. Paste text and change its color and size. By selecting the “Move Tool” (it’s the first one in the left bar), you can move your elements.


When everything looks like you wanted, go to File > Save. Congratulations! Creative is ready and it takes a minimum of your time :)