30 JUNE 2022

Drive Gambling Traffic using ASO




Hi all! If you read Q&A with Dmytro, Head of Affiliates at VortexAds, you know that ASO traffic is becoming more and more popular for gambling vertical nowadays. So today the Vortex team would like to find out what ASO is, key rules for driving such traffic and why it’s a good source for promoting gambling offers.

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App Store Optimization

ASO (App Store Optimization) means a process of pushing an app to first positions on Google Play or App Store. ASO is SEO in the mobile apps world and it’s considered to be a free traffic source, too. Moreover, you can get really relevant and hot leads there too.

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Main ways for improving app’s ranking

So, we have an application (by the way, developing apps in a cross-platform language is one of the best ways to avoid banning). What’s next?

  • Text optimization: key queries, semantic core, metadata

You need to analyze your competitors via special services. Using data.ai or MobileAction, it is easy to identify key queries and its frequency and compile a semantic core. Then you can create metadata. There’re title, subtitle, brief and long descriptions, localizations, developer’s name, package name, tags and other features where you should add your keywords without repeating themselves.

Moreover, updating the app’s metadata is a good practice if the application didn’t reach top 10 for certain queries.

  • Visual optimization

Prepare icon, screenshot and video preview after learning all requirements. Customization will definitely stand your app out from competitors.

  • Reviews and rating – must-have

You can buy installs and reviews on different marketplaces to save time and boost an app on TOP places for a few days.

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Gambling traffic via ASO

Everything is simple here: by optimizing your app you get organic traffic always appreciated by advertisers. Such leads are extremely valuable because they usually stay as a source of a product’s income for a long time.

Moreover, ASO is a perfect alternative to Facebook, TikTok and Google when it comes to supplies (accs, cards, etc) and bans. The Vortex team highly recommends trying new sources if the usual ones are unstable.

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ASO is a promising and, most importantly, long-term profitable method to drive gambling offers. But we should not forget that the effect of ASO is not instantaneous. It takes time for the search algorithms to catch and boost applications and for the number of installs to increase due to that.