2 AUGUST 2022




Driving Gambling Traffic on Asian Offers

Hi all! Today we decided to share our thoughts about Asian GEOs and driving gambling traffic on such offers. Go through the article to know more about GEOs you should definitely pay attention.

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Japan is quite a specific country if we speak about gambling. There is a limited list of allowed types of gambling. As for online casinos, current Japanese law doesn’t provide populations with any regulations of it. Moreover, it is not yet possible to obtain a license for a site that provides remote gambling. Besides this info, Japan is thought to be one of the most gambling-addicted countries.

Population: 125.8 million.

Target specifics: Almost 80% of the population are Internet users. 90% of Internet users are between the ages of 13 and 59. Mobile traffic is more favored. Advertisers advise target male audiences aged 21 and over.

Traffic sources: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, AMEBA, NICONICO.

Interests: 1) Japanese gambling is based on emotions and getting rest after work, 2) the most popular type is local gambling (Panchkin, Keirin, Mahjong), 3) more than 67% of the country's population actively uses bitcoin wallets to pay.

So, Japan is now taking small but important steps towards the legalization of land-based casinos, and news for the online sector can be expected soon. But even now the conditions for driving gambling traffic are awesome: a huge audience, well acquainted with gambling and betting on legal games.

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Many people think that India is nothing but poverty. Indeed, less than 50% of the population has access to the internet. But besides this fact, India is definitely a fast-growing GEO and the potential is quite great both for solo affiliates and experienced teams.

The loyalty of the local authorities to gambling provides plenty of opportunities to promote this niche easily. There are thousands of online casinos in the country. Moreover, licensed ones at that (for example, 4rabet).

Population: 1.4 billion (that's 1/5 of the world's population).

Target specifics: This GEO is dominated by Android device users, but iOS users are more likely to become high-rollers.

Traffic sources: Facebook, YouTube, HiPi (TikTok analog).

Interests: 1) There are two approaches to attract Indians to gambling offers – emotions for rich part of the population and opportunity to win a big prize for the poorer ones, 2) It’s a good practice to target the biggest cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, Jaipur.

India offers a large field for driving gambling traffic: both in terms of mentality and low competition.

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South Korea

Although gambling (both online and offline) is popular in South Korea, it is prohibited for locals (gambling halls are only open for tourists, as it is a lucrative niche and brings in a lot of money to the budget). South Koreans are only allowed by law to play at sites like William Hill and Bet365, they use VPNs to unblock access to other more promising sites. Consequently, Koreans are looking for new gambling sites and are willing to try their luck on slots.

Population: 51.8 million.

Target specifics: In South Korea, women are great players too, so it’s a good practice to target both males and female aged 20-65.

Traffic sources: Facebook, Google, TikTok, Naver.

Interests: South Korean viewers see a lot of attractive and unusual banner ads so here you totally need to find and test new approaches in creatives to break through banner blindness.

In summary, South Korea can be lucrative and not a very expensive GEO for driving traffic.

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Bangladesh is thought to be a poor country with no audience who can be interested in casinos. Actually, it’s a great GEO for newbies as traffic is not as expensive as in Tier 1 or Tier 2. The number of players from Bangladesh is increasing all the time, while the number of unlicensed casinos is also increasing. That is, locals are aware that they may be cheated, their data stolen, and their money not paid out, but they still spend their earnings in the hope of winning.

Population: 164.7 million.

Target specifics: 98% of the population speaks Bengali, the rest is English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, etc. Only 15% of the residents are active internet users. Android has the highest market share of mobile operating systems - more than 95%.

Traffic sources: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.

Interests: The players react well to banners that guarantee payouts and offer an opportunity to win big cash prizes. Moreover, Bangladeshis are very fond of cashbacks and free spins.

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Asia is not yet a fully "off the beaten track" GEO, so both proven bundles and new approaches can go in there. Asian tier-2 and tier-3 countries deserve the attention of affiliates in 2022. They have strong potential and cheap traffic. Test one of our offers and see the results.