22 MARCH 2021




10 Steps for Facebook Cloaking

Last month we attended a couple of affiliate conferences and got a chance to talk with the key minds of the industry. That’s why we have a couple of articles prepared for you: stay tuned if you want to get some helpful insights and learn more. This week we wanted to share some tips on Facebook marketing from Josh Sabo — the expert in affiliate marketing, who by chance had a couple of tips to share with us. We hope that you will find them helpful! If you’re promoting products via Facebook you might have heard about one of the techniques called cloaking. Since it is used to promote products that are forbidden by social network policy, Facebook team is making everything to fight cloaking and punish those, who use it. Luckily, we know how to increase your chances and pass the moderation 😉 The process of Facebook cloaking can be divided into three stages: Farming — Page Setup — Warm-Up. Let’s talk about each of them in details.

Stage 1: Farming

  • Create accounts from scratch (you can also buy or rent them) and imitate real activity. Success rate is around 60-70%: out of 100 accounts only 60 or 70 will spend blackhat money.

  • Choose the right IP Solution: it has to be residential IP (no proxy, no vpn). IP’s location SHOULD MATCH credit cards Zip code.

  • Rent everyday people’s FB accounts (but only aged good quality accounts). The success rate is 100% (okay.. 99% based on the variety of people you deal with).

Stage 2: Page Setup

  • The perfect solution is to pick local business or community page. Maintain good page quality score: upload minimum 5 posts and if this is a farmed account — invite friends to like your page.

Stage 3: Warm-Up

  • Work on building up the account’s quality score: create ads with HIGH engagement rate and focus not on the cost rather on the quality of your ads.

  • Your 1st campaign — Page Likes — should be launched from page. Add card there: card numbers should be typed! (never copy/paste). When set up, don’t touch accounts for minimum 24 hours.

  • After that, create Business Manager and add your personal account there. Create 4 additional accounts in this BM: if your account will be banned you will still have other accounts to try your luck 🙂

  • 2d campaign — Post Engagement. The more engagement you get on the post — the higher your quality score goes. This campaign should be desktop only and have no links in the post

  • 3rd campaign — Website Clicks Campaign — should be launched once the billing threshold is at $500. Launch Website Clicks Campaign with the exact URL, image and text you’ll use for your blackhat campaign and spend $30-40 on warming safe page.

  • Don’t ease off: the warm-up can take some time, anywhere between 4 days — 2 weeks. Don’t rush it and always randomise your Adset budgets. Congrats: you just became an expert in Facebook cloaking! Follow our tips wisely and make the most out of your Facebook campaigns.