15 MARCH 2021

Facebook advertising 101: Guide to creating high-converting ads




Let’s admit that almost every business in 2018 has to deal with Facebook advertising at some point. But the question is: how to make most out of it and create the ad that attracts your target audience? ### 1. Choose a proper campaign goal & set the right audience targeting.To make the right decision, you need to collect data at first and make sure that you understand your target audience. Questions you need to consider:

  • what is the desired action of your target audience? (e.g. app install, filling in the form, buying the product);
  • what is your target demographic group? (e.g. age, gender, location, income level);
  • what do they think? (e.g. behaviour, interests, values, personality type);
  • what needs do they have and how your product/service will help to solve those. Once you get all the answers, you are ready to set your goal & targeting.

2. Create the appealing ad creative that grabs the attention of your potential customer.

It is well known that visual content has an influence on our purchasing patterns. Even though you can’t tell a book by the cover, we still get the desire to learn more about it when seeing a nice one. So here are some tips that can help you with your content creation:

  • Use the image that stands out: bright and vibrant colours usually perform better, but everything should be moderate or you risk to end up with something looking like this:
  • Choose the creative that suits your target audience as Facebook’s Relevance Score will filter out non-relevant ads;
  • Make sure your ad creative matches your offer and landing page and there’s no mismatch in expectations and reality;

3. Create the ad copy that supports your image and grabs attention as well.

Picking a right headline can instantly increase your CTR. And the best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of efforts:

  • Work on your headline: you should make a promise that your product will solve a problem that users have.
  • Talk about your main benefits and make users want to learn more. Your supporting copy should add context to your headline. Note: remember to talk about the benefits and not the features.
  • Add a clear Call-to-Action (e.g. “Sign up now”, “Click here and get discount”);

Seems like you got everything covered? There’s another thing you need to remember: Facebook advertising is a long journey. Once you set up your first campaign you will start a long process of testing, gathering and analyzing performance data. Don’t forget that you’re operating in the constantly changing environment and there’s a risk to get outdated if you don’t adjust to the changes. And if you’re looking for great converting offers, sign up with us and let’s rock it!