22 APRIL 2022

Q&A with Dmytro, Head of Affiliates




Today we decided to get you to know more about the Vortex team, and Head of Affiliate Team Dmytro is the first. We're sure that a lot of our webmasters met him not only once at conferences, communicated personally, and knew about his huge experience in the field.

In this Q&A we're going to speak about how Dmytro started his affiliate marketing journey, how the Vortex team works in a war environment, and also make some predictions about changes in the gambling vertical 2022.


Hi Dmytro! Let's start with an easy one: tell us more about yourself for those who don't know a lot about you (of course if such people still exist in our field). How did you begin your path in affiliate marketing and what are you doing now?

Hi! I began my path at the end of 2017 as an affiliate manager at a not really famous network that drove traffic for installs, but I didn't stay there for a long. In the middle of 2018, I joined VortexAds also as affiliate manager, and at the beginning of 2020, I became Head of Affiliates. So, I'm in the sphere for almost 5 years.

Pretty long :) Being a Head of Affiliates, what are your tasks now? Do you still work with affiliates directly?

Firsly, it's team management: setting tasks and KPI, monitoring the current performance of each manager, and forming plans for the development of the team, the network at all and each vertical. Besides, I take part in the hiring process, onboarding new employees, and sometimes even doing basic training for newbies. Now I no longer support affiliate accounts, I've already distributed them among our managers. Although, I keep in touch with many of our partners to stay up to date and not to keep myself from being forgotten, sure :)

What do webs usually ask you?

I'll answer briefly :) Here's a top of questions:


Everyone finds themselves out here for sure :) Let's talk about a thing worrying a lot of us. Was the market changed under war conditions? How was the VortexAds team affected by what happened?

From the end of February to the beginning of March we saw a little volume dropping because of our team relocating. Our Ukrainian partners had the same problems because nobody expected that such events got started. However, in April we didn't only return to previous volumes but also increased it in contrast to what we had in December and January.

What is the situation in the gambling vertical? It's certainly not showing down and doesn't give in to such popular vertical as crypto/FX. Based on your observations, what sources/approaches give the highest volumes last six months?

Sources are the same as usually: Facebook, Google and TikTok. Our work experience with TikTok is less than with others but I know that a lot of top media buying teams show incredible results for gambling.

As for approaches, there's nothing fundamentally new: news, emotions, success. Only details are changing in creatives, but the base is always the same.

Recently ASO is becoming more and more popular, but we should note here that this source is more difficult and need much more costs.

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of optimizing app pages in App Store and Google Play for increasing positions in the searching tab (yes, it's similar to SEO, but this method is for apps). In other words, ASO aims to make an app as high as possible in the search, then the targeted audience will visit the page and download the app.


What can you say about dying or already dead funnels?

To my mind, there's not a lot of time left for WebView Apps but many experts have predicted the death of this method for a long time :) In any case, there're always two ways if some approaches die: either webmasters bring it to life by finding a patch or adapt to the new reality and find something new.

Do free sources have a potential in the gambling niche?

Sure. For example, there's scheme traffic via Telegram Channels or VK groups, YouTube reviews and streams. But it's also a difficult process and not all advertisers are ready to receive such traffic.

There's an opinion that solo webmasters can't achieve as much success as teams can. What is your point on this? Did you see cases in which long-life solo webmasters show good performance in the gambling?

I suppose that it refers to all kinds of business. If a person wishes for more than he has now, the best idea is to team up with experienced like-minded people or create and develop the team and processes on your own.

There're plenty of cases of successful solo webmasters but each of them peaks at one point and then they have to decide: either a team to scale or continue on the same volumes. It's extremely hard to grow independently.

As for offers, how often does something new and fresh appear in the VortexAds pool? Should affiliates pay attention to unpopular offers and why?

Every month we add a few new advertisers and even the team has such KPI. Sure, webs should always search for something new and I talk not only about offers because you can't stay in one place for a long.

If your budget is enough to test new offers, you absolutely should do it.

Before testing unpopular offers, it's a good practice to do some research: find out what conditions are (payouts, mindep/baseline), how landings look like, and of course ask managers for more details: conversion rate, available payments, in some cases wager.

Offers preview that should be tested by you ;)


For the last question, what makes VortexAds different from others? In the past the communication between affiliate networks and webs was limited to the fact that the first ones gave offers and the second ones drive traffic. Today more and more networks implement additional tech support: make funnels unique, share apps, etc. Tell us more about VortexAds values :)

Everything that you mentioned makes us different. We always help our partners with all supplies and technical questions: give prelands/landings, design creatives, and have apps for rent, too. The main point refers to communication with your manager: ask about advice and share your pains, and he will take care of everything to make every problem into not a problem ;)

Thank you for your time and interesting thoughts! I'm sure it was helpful and enjoyable for many to get to know you better.