Meet our partner: MultiLogin Browser




Hi all! Today our team would like to tell you more about one of our partners – MultiLogin. This antidetect browser lets you break free of the restrictions of physical devices and ditch unreliable virtual machines for secure virtual browser profiles – and see account bans plummet and your revenue soar.

Don’t miss your bonus at the end ;)

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Key Features

Let's take a closer look at the functions of the Multilogin Browser. The secret of Multilogin’s success is its native approach to browser fingerprinting.

Unlike their competitors who simply block websites from seeing your identity, which those sites see as highly suspicious, Multilogin’s virtual profiles replace your original fingerprint with a distinct, fully customizable fingerprint that can be read by third parties and appears as a genuine native device.

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Multilogin is the only solution to hold your data on AWS Cloud fully encrypted. Your password is hashed, and practically impossible to invert; likewise, your session data is encrypted, with cookies converted by AES cipher.

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Finally, seize the most ambitious of opportunities with the browser’s powerful automation integration with Selenium and Puppeteer. Automate manual tasks from account creation to data retrieval or traffic emulation at a scale well past human capabilities.

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Plans and Costs

The cost of the browser depends on the features you need. If you need to work solo, the cost starts at 99 euros per month. For this money, you can manage 100 profiles. For automation, teamwork and more accounts, you will have to pay more.

Moreover, in Q4 the Multilogin Team plans to release new pricing which will drive down the cost and users will be billed based on usage, not set price.

Special Bonus

The promo code “VORTEX” gives 50% off when the user does the first purchase. This amount (50%) will be transferred to your billing account. Those credits can be used for next month's payments or services (adding team member seats or upgrading any of the plans). Credits are withheld for 20 days (from the first payment day) and basically, the promo code works as a cashback system.

Make the impossible possible with Multilogin!