23 FEBRUARY 2023

Mainstream vs. Adult Dating





The first dating site was launched in the 1990s, and at the time, almost the entire potential target audience didn’t know what it was for or how to use it. After all this time, we now have the opportunity to use technology to find our crush. Tinder, Match, Bumble, eHarmony — there are now thousands of apps for mainstream dating or even adult dating. But according to the Pew Research Center, 67% of Americans find their dating life "a little complicated.”

This is not good news for the United States. But great news for dating affiliate networks like VortexAds and its partners. Because we have room to grow and someone to help.

But what direction should a rookie webmaster choose? And an experienced one? Mainstream offers have fewer restrictions and costs more. Adult offers usually promise lower rates for each user attracted but it is effortless in terms of driving. Let's compare these two directions.


Mainstream dating: audience, creatives peculiarities, and offers

Summary. In mainstream dating, people usually seek long-term relationships. The primary audience is men (34% vs. 27% of women). Men are more likely to pay for the premium features of dating apps. Payment models used in this vertical — SOI and DOI. In general, all traffic sources are allowed except fraud and motivation. Creatives should be life-like, and CTAs should hit the pain points of the TA.

GEOs. Regarding the most profitable geographies in the dating vertical, it is definitely the Tier-1 countries: USA, UK, and Canada. Japan, the Netherlands, and Germany are also worth mentioning. By the way, we have swotted up and reviewed Germany and the Netherlands in detail in our Telegram channel.

Creatives. Working with a mainstream niche, it’s better to use natural photos because they often go down a storm. Since the primary audience of dating apps are men, try to use real photos of girls in your creatives so that you don't have to "bleach" them and use cloaking. Also, ensure you utilize photos of people that are under 30. According to the Badoo.com survey, millennials spend approx 10 hours per week swiping on other people on dating apps.


Sources. You should choose traffic sources depending on the locale and TA age. Obvi, but still. For the US, for example, Facebook (and other social media), email, and PPC (banner ads) are among the best traffic sources. Social platforms have fewer prohibitions about mainstream dating offers and creatives. So you can be calm with your money input.

Adult dating: audience, creatives peculiarities, and offers

Summary. In adult dating, people look for sex or other temporary relationships. According to recent statistics, the adult dating industry is worth over $3 billion and continues to grow yearly. The primary target audience is men under their 40, but the ratio can vary depending on the region and the app. Creatives should be natural but call for suppressed desires.

GEOs. The USA is King. Definitely. But there are some other GEOs that deserve to be paid attention to. Among them are Latam countries, Germany, and the Netherlands. To illustrate the primacy of the US in this matter, look at the statistics below. It shows the percentage of Americans who think premarital sex is acceptable. That's far from low, isn't it?


Creatives. Adult dating is a very specific niche for advertising. Many platforms ban it for not meeting community requirements. There are several ways to adapt your creatives to the norm. Cloaking, "whitening," and design treatment, as in the example below. And, of course, creativity. Try to veil the image so that only humans can make sense of it.


Sources. Among the most efficient traffic sources are member area, SEO, and paid ads. The paid advertisement can include display ads, pay-per-click ads, and even sponsored content. If you’re looking for the social platform with the highest CR, choose Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. But ensure your creatives are pretty acceptable to be banned.


Instead of summarizing, we want to give you the top 3 advice to boost your dating traffic regardless of its kind.

Know your target audience. Understanding your target audience is essential for success in the dating niche. This includes understanding their needs, wants, and desires, as well as their behavior patterns and preferences. Start with observing people in real life and trying to think in with their habits.

Offer value to your TA. To keep your audience engaged and returning to your site, it is essential to offer them value. This can include providing helpful resources, running promotions and contests, and offering a high-quality user experience. For example, we provide webmasters with selected industry insights on our Telegram channel.

Test and optimize. Finally, it is crucial to continuously test and optimize your website or other source and marketing strategies to drive conversions and maximize your profits. This may include testing different promotions, offers, and marketing materials, as well as optimizing your website for conversions.

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