21 OCTOBER 2022

Improve Creatives for Dating Offers




Hi all! When you go to the next level of your dating webmaster skills, you can think about scaling your achievements. One of the ways you have is to make creatives better.

So, today the VortexAds team is going to share a few easy and working practices to improve banners and summarize all we know about dating creatives for now.

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Popular Ad Formats

There are a lot of sources for driving dating traffic, but the most popular ones are Push, Teaser, Native, Social (Facebook, TikTok) and Google.

Although each requires specific sizes for advertising and restrictions on the use of promotional materials by some of the sources (for push campaigns you can choose hotter pictures and for GoogleAds it’s better to use “white” banners), the message is quite similar everywhere: beautiful and natural girls with ethnicity relevant to the region, eye-catching headline, and proper CTA.

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Triggers That Work for Dating Offers

We suggest several approaches which basically work well:

  • Switch the focus from registration of the user directly to live communication with the girl: “Hey! I have a crush on you ;)”
  • Imitation messenger on a social networking or dating site.
  • Create a situation (some role-player elements, for example): “My husband's away”, “Lonely teacher is looking for love”.
  • Remember the pain points: "Are you still without a date?", "Are you single?".
  • CTA: “Find Your Soulmate”, “Call Me”, “Text Me”, etc.

Actually, classic arguments still show great results ;)

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Easy Tips To Improve Quality of Your Dating Creatives

Fresh faces. It's no secret to those who have been in dating affiliate marketing for a long time that the best converting creatives are not with glossy beauties, but with ordinary women. A simple selfie in panties against the backdrop of a domestic mess subconsciously inspires more trust in the user than photoshopped models.

So, where to find proper photos? We have a simple and unobvious cheat for it. Go to any popular marketplace (for example, aliexpress.com) and find lingerie ads. In comments for panties or bras you can find a lot of materials for your future creatives.

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Spy Tools. It’s a great practice to monitor the activity of your competitors. Use Spy Tools (for example, Spyover) to see the full funnel from creatives to landing pages and find out your weaknesses that can be improved.

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Headlines. There should be clear messages like "I want to meet you" or "Hello, let's communicate" :) Nothing difficult, direct messages only.

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To summarize everything, we can say that modern trends in creatives for dating offers are quite easy to follow. Pay attention to local mentality and internet slang, Creatives made with GEO in mind convert much higher than standard ones. Use photos of natural girls, both parts visual and text should work together, too.