The VortexAds dating affiliate network: how to earn in the Adult Gaming niche





Let's be honest. Every old-hand webmaster knows what success in affiliate marketing is based on. It's a stable source of traffic and sweet creatives that can draw people to specific actions. In this article, we want to discuss an unconventional but up-and-coming type of offers — adult games.

Adult Gaming: popularity and prospects

Take a look at the image below. This is the data of the authoritative portal Statista by age groups of game lovers.


When it comes to the gaming niche, we see that the young audience makes up most of all gamers. ...And so do the users of dating apps, right? Notice that a large part of our target audience is potentially the most solvent today.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You might say that casual gaming has nothing to do with dating games. You'd be partly right. But only partly. According to BusinessOfApps, most gamers were single when they used dating apps. And because humans are social creatures, they will find a mate sooner or later anyway. Also, according to the company's report, the number of dating app users grew by more than 100 million in 5 years.


We at VortexAds, as an experienced dating affiliate network, can say that the niche is still growing and promising. In the last year alone, the average monthly usage of Tinder was about 75 million. And what's interesting, these are users from 190 countries worldwide. More than 84% of content creators use affiliate marketing. Affiliate networks are the main tool to increase profits (more than 16% from the start).

This all leads us to two logical conclusions:

  1. Adult gaming traffic converts highly to leads
  2. Affiliate marketers in the adult gaming/dating niche are in high demand as experts

Adult gaming offers and creatives: peculiarities

VortexAds has been working in the dating niche for more than 5 years. What can we advise webmasters who have never dipped into the dating field?

  • Creatives should be life-like.

Think back to yourself. Regardless of the field, don't you get annoyed by staged photos of a product or service? All those makeup models and solid men in ties are shaking hands. Or, for example, you want to buy a car. What would attract you more: the gritty pictures of the Mustangs or the very natural photos of the car that would show all the nuances and benefits? We'd lean toward the second option. It's the same in adult dating offers. No one is perfect, and fewer and fewer people are falling for the "polished" photos of star models.

  • There is no such thing as the best sources of traffic

On some portals, you can find advice on choosing the best source for dating traffic. This is not true. Because the best traffic is the one you know how to work with. Someone is a master of creating email messages, someone perfectly brings clients with SEO-optimization, and someone loaded and pours massively from Facebook 🙂 The main thing is to know precisely the goals of the campaign, soberly assess the resources, and use the most appropriate source for this. Personally, in our experience, native advertising and social networks (Facebook, TikTok) have proven to be excellent.

  • Germany, USA, Belgium, UK, and France

These geos are among the most popular and highly converting. Their average CR is 1.5 - 2.7%.


Payment models at VortexAds

Our affiliate program is built on the principle of CPA. Cost-Per-Action allows you to evaluate the real contribution of marketing to promoting a particular product. Payments, as you probably know, are made for targeted actions. Among them are registration, registration confirmation, and subscription.

CPS (cost per subscription). Costs incurred in selling subscriptions are divided by the number of subscriptions sold. The goal is to encourage potential customers to subscribe to a game or application.

CPL (cost per lead) is calculated simply: the cost of advertising divided by the number of leads received. Webmaster gets a fixed payment for each lead. The kind of CPL is SOI/DOI (when the lead needs to do one more step — a confirmation).

SOI/DOI (single opt-in and double opt-in). Roughly speaking, this is registration with a single opt-in action and registration with confirmation (two opt-in actions). The first model does not promise a high quality of leads, so its payout is less. Double opt-in is a more complicated model, but the affiliate program values such leads higher and therefore pays more for them.

VortexAds adult gaming offers

In the working panel of VortexAds, you can conveniently sort all the offers by niche, traffic source, and country. There is also a search bar where you can start typing the name or ID of an offer, and you will immediately see a list of available offers.

VortexAds proposes more than 500 offers in dating, gaming, gambling, and adult gaming niches. As of February 2023, VortexAds has two adult gaming offers, both available on demand.

Adult Online Play V2 and Sim Family Sex V2 are valid for 9 countries based on CC submit payout model:

  • BE CH DE NO — $55.00
  • FR — $60.00
  • UK — $35.00
  • US — $30.00
  • MX IN — $25.00

You can easily find these offers on numbers 4016 and 4015, respectively.

Our affiliate managers are available 24/7 in chat. They'll answer any questions, help you sign up, and start making windfall together.