17 FEBRUARY 2023

Gambling + Brazil and other Latam GEOs





Latin America is one of the most promising GEOs in 2023, regardless of a gambling affiliate network. It is not for nothing that Brazil, for example, is called a sleeping giant. However, the problems with the legalization of the gambling business and the poverty of the population of South American countries impose their own imprint on the work of webmasters in these geographies. Let's run down 4 Latam GEOs: Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Panama.


Latam is a very reassuring market. Proofs

According to Statista, online GGR in Latin America for 2022 was USD 0.9 billion.

Generally speaking, only a lazy man is not talking about the prospects of Latin America (especially Brazil) for iGaming. Indeed, in 2021 Latin America generated USD 22 million in revenues from mobile casino apps only.

But it is worth noting that 8 out of 10 Brazilians surveyed by Statista prefer to play roulette. And even more interesting, the betting market in Brazil was 1.3 billion USD in GGR by the end of 2022.


Another argument for the prospects of this GEO is the population. Brazil, for example, has more than 216 million people at the beginning of 2023, according to the Worldometer . Peru has more than 34 million people, and Chile — 19.5 million.

Note that approx 63% of the Brazilian population has access to the Internet and mobile phones. For now, the legal framework for regulating gambling and betting in Brazil is still under development. But once all the necessary laws are passed, Brazil will become one of the sweetest pieces of the global traffic pie for webmasters. That's why many of them are already targeting their gambling offers on Brazil.

A few words about Peru. In March 2022, President Terrones signed new regulations on betting and gambling. But so far, the laws are very vague, allowing operators to bypass taxes and give room for webmasters to make money.

Tend to drive Latam traffic? Consider the following

Not every Latam country has legal regulations. Brazil is only in the process of signing a law to regulate gambling. Peru has already done so, but so far, not done as well as needed. Panama, too, has its own rules for gambling operations. Buying a license there costs about USD 50 000, and the casino must have a representative office in Panama. Plus, 10% of GGR must go to the country's treasury as taxes.

What this means for webmasters. Two things. First — so far, you have a chance to earn more because not all casinos pay taxes and, therefore, provide webmasters a higher percentage for each player. The second thing is that there are more risks too. Your ad can be banned even without grounds. And you are unlikely to prove anything. In addition, social networks have been changing their algorithms recently, so if you use this traffic source, you will have to take this nuance into account.

The poverty of Latin American GEOs. Yes, most importantly, the average salary in Brazil, for example, is about BRL 8 200. This is about USD 1500, which is considered lower than in Europe. Nevertheless, the Statista assessment center predicts that the gambling market in Latin America as a whole will grow 3 (!) times by 2025. So it is necessary to dig in this direction now.

Creatives nuances. In principle, as everywhere else, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of national perception. If you are looking for traffic in Peru, use people of the local nationality in your creatives. For Brazilians, CTAs about enrichment through casinos are still relevant, although, in Europe, casinos have long been about entertainment, not about making money.

Traffic sources for Latam

ASO. We all want to get our reward as quickly as possible. And App Store Optimization helps us do just that. Because in the case of SEO, we have to talk about a longer period of time to bring your landing page (or website) to the top of search ranking, sometimes it can take up to six months. ASO offers faster results and, as a consequence — faster payment from the CPA network. Tip: use in-app purchases to take up 2 spots in the App Store at once. Plus, we recommend buying reviews for the app. Eye-catching reviews significantly increase the credibility of the app and, as a consequence, increase the conversion rate to download.

PPC. Google has a ban on gambling ads, and this is the main difficulty in using contextual advertising as a source of traffic. Nevertheless, it still shows good results. It only takes a little outside-the-box thinking to come up with indirect ads that hint at its true purpose (to play in the casino).

Facebook. The same story with Facebook. This platform regularly updates its advertising rules, which causes additional difficulties. Yet, video ads, for example, show a high conversion rate. Tip: use videos under 15 seconds that show local money and local payment methods.


Brazil and Latam, in general, are really promising GEOs to drive traffic. Consider local peculiarities and efficient traffic sources like PPC or ASO. Consider the local laws and ensure your creatives don’t break them. Use one of the following offers from VortexAds to make a fast start:

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