18 AUGUST 2022

Drive Free TikTok Traffic on Gambling Offers




A lot of advertisers accept TikTok traffic on gambling offers. The source shows good audience growth, is distinguished by the quality of traffic and gives the opportunity to merge traffic for free. So in this article, the VortexAds team would like to share a bundle on how to get it for free.

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There are plenty of opportunities to promote gambling in TikTok. There are accounts that live for six months or more, although this is a rarity for gray offers on this platform.

Sometimes videos can get up to a few million viewers and we can’t even expect how many of them go to their account and click on the link in bio. Although, such an activity is more a special case than usual. In reality, you need to try a lot of approaches to reach the top.

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So, the plan is this:

  • Accounts. You can buy a registered one or make it by yourself. Then, to insert a link in your bio, you must have at least 1000 followers.
  • Offer. Make sure you discuss with your manager your traffic source and approach because not all advertisers accept free traffic.
  • Content. Prepare as many creatives as you can and upload not more than 2-3 videos in one day. Moreover, it’s a good practice to take a break of a couple of days between publication days.
  • Scaling. Find new approaches and refine your bundles. For example, you can warm up your audience via telegram channels or bots.

Important! Focus on creatives and try different banners: use streamers’ videos to evoke emotion in the viewer and cover images of spins to avoid banning.

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If you do everything according to the rules of the source, or at least approximately as you can, then your accounts will live long and generate income even for months. The VortexAds team wishes everyone a high profit and reminds everyone that it’s definitely a good idea to try something new in driving traffic.

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