13 JANUARY 2023

The 2022 Summary and Predictions for 2023 for the Dating Industry





Alyona Zhurik is the Head of Dating Vertical at VortexAds. Alyona's outward frailty hides years of experience and an iron grip. She used to work as a Senior Affiliate Manager for the big operators in the dating market. Now, as the Head of Dating in VortexAds, she is sharing the results of 2022 and is cautiously but confidently predicting 2023. Dive into her advice below.

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Experts project that the dating industry will reach $3.592 billion in revenue by the end of 2025. Looking at the successes of the dating niche over the past 2-3 years, do you think this prediction is realistic?

Absolutely. The IT industry is growing every year and the dating industry in particular. But even considering the situation in the world, it is quite realistic.

Ukraine is not in the top 5 countries for the penetration of dating. Yet, the war in Ukraine has had a strong impact on the global economy. And how has it affected the dating industry?

Undoubtedly, this has had a strong impact on the industry — as so many companies and partners are based in Ukraine — and now, it is very difficult to work due to the frequent lack of electricity. But we are strong, and we will manage. I believe that in the future, everything will be even better than it was before the start of the full-scale war.

According to the authoritative portal Statista, the top 3 countries by revenue in 2022 are the United States — $1290 million, China — $268 million, and the United Kingdom — $183 million. But these countries have always been leaders. And which geo can you call dark horses?

At the moment, I would single out Ireland and Norway. Ireland, in particular, has now reached an entirely new level. It is expressed in 3.88 million USD.

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Let's focus specifically on VortexAds. Please, remember the best feature you've implemented in a year.

I joined the Vortex team only in September 2022, when we had a complete restructuring — and most importantly, I think that we managed to assemble a team of dope, positive people who are easy to work with and make money 😉

What about successful hypotheses? Perhaps you've discovered new geo or vertical?

Of course, Tier 1 is always the most profitable, we constantly update our offers for GEOs to have the latest and most efficient offers for affiliates.

But over the past couple of months, we've added a lot of GEOs for Europe (DE UK FR BE NL IT, for instance), and we're currently working on Latam (BR CL PE MX). Also, from the novelties — adult games and gay niche.

What VortexAds key numbers this year are you proud of?

The first and most important thing is the people, I repeat it. And with a good team — the Profit figures for the company are growing — we are in the process of growth.

What sources of traffic would you recommend to test for dating offers? Which ones performed the best this year for the dating vertical?

This is all individual, but I would set apart the Social and Members Area traffic sources. This year, many have massively tested Tik Tok traffic — not bad, either.

Have you attended global conferences this year? What were your impressions?

This year, unfortunately, was not filled with conferences due to the situation in Ukraine, where I stayed until the end of October. But I managed to visit Bangkok on AWA — it was fantastic. I’ve met many existing partners as well as many new and interesting potential partners.

Should admit that conferences are essential in our industry — that's where the main agreements take place. I stand for live communication.

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What are the predictions for 2023?

The war showed that any predictions are a thankless task. But regarding VortexAds, in 2023, we will have our own smart link. And also — more exclusives, more fresh and exciting offers, more profit. If all goes well and stable, then according to our calculations, by the end of 2023, we should reach a profit of +X%. But the most crucial and inevitable prediction is our VICTORY.